All Things Arb (ATA) Was launched in August 2017 to fill a gap in the UK Market to help provide arboriculturist and forestry workers in the UK and online a place to receive the latest in news, interviews, reviews, marketing techniques and best at work practices.


Our In-house team is made up of tree surgeons, professional journalists and industry professionals to help cover a range of topics. Our Bi-Monthly magazine is a 40-page magazine to industry professionals ranging from key decision makers to students entering a new career path, at present ATA is the 3rd largest magazine provider within the arboriculture industry with 13,548 monthly copies being delivered across the UK with 7,215 received physical copies. One edition can cover a wide array of topics from press releases, news articles focusing on critical issues in the industry along with the latest products coming to market.

Since our launch, we have reached a staggering 6.3 Million impressions from around the world with the power of social media. Over 12K Likes on Facebook, 39K Followers on Twitter and an incredible 10K Followers on Instagram. This makes All Things Arb the largest source for arb related news on social media. To add to these incredible numbers we see on average over 32K users view allthingsarb.co.uk on a monthly basis along with 356,000 page views.

In 2018 we worked with some fantastic brands including, Timberwolf, Haix, Forst, Stihl, CPL, Greenmech and Petzl. We believe in creating a successful long-term partnership with brands to help promote your products and services to a key market both in the UK and around the world.