Residents in Broad Lanes, Bilston, have complained over ‘broken promises’ as trees behind their homes are being chopped down.

The work is part of the Bilston Urban Village development that is bringing more than 400 new homes to the area.

One resident, who wishes to stay anonymous, said: “We were promised they would be protected and now they are being torn now, it’s a broken promise.

“I spoke to the council and developers who said that the development behind our house would not affect the trees or the bank, but now it’s being destroyed. Myself and other residents here like our wildlife, there are a number of animals living there who will be in danger, including badgers.

“Other houses along this road are also against it. The work hasn’t caused much disruption, but to break a promise like that is not on. There’s no problem with houses being built there, as long as the wildlife is given space too, and now it won’t be.”

However others like Ashley Harris have welcomed the works.

The 66-year-old said: “I’ve not heard of them being protected, I think it’s brilliant. My garage is full of rats and getting rid of the trees will help.

“It’s also all dark outside my house at night, I can’t see past the trees. It will also help with my satellite reception which gets blocked off by the trees. I’m quite happy about it, I know some people really like the wildlife, but for me it’s good, no complaints from me.”

Despite the claims from residents, developers at the lot, Countryside, have said that the trees were never protected.

Justin Howell, Associate Planning Director at Countryside, said: “The trees being removed at the Bilston Urban Village development are not protected and works are being carried out in accordance with the planning approval granted by Wolverhampton City Council. We have strategies in place to not only preserve but enhance biodiversity, with the planting of new trees and shrubbery.”