All trees count! So we’re hitting the streets to inventory each and every one of them in Prince George’s County, MD.

Plan-It Geo has been awarded the responsibility of inventorying 166,000 county-managed trees by January 2018. To complete this monumental task, we have equipped 7 inventory arborists in Prince George’s County with Tree Plotter to collect nearly 1,500 trees per day. Each day, our crew gathers key information to assist the County with tree maintenance, management, and planting decisions. Founder Ian Hanou states, “We are thrilled to be working closely with the County on this important project. Few, if any, street tree inventories of this size have been conducted. It is truly an honor and a pivotal moment for growth at Plan-It Geo.” 

We, at Plan-It Geo, are excited for this opportunity and want you to be a part of our largest tree inventory project by sharing our experiences, stories, statistics, photos, trivia, tree information, technology, and lessons learned during our journey to 166,000 trees.

Meet the Team: (Front Row) TJ Wood, Ian Hanou, Chris Peiffer. (Back Row) Trent Johnston, Jack Mazzitello, Waqar Shah, Todd Bolton, Nick Maletta, April Florey, (Not Featured: Nate Cummings).

With this being our first trek post, we’d like to share our staff’s initial accounts and experiences with the trees and the people that benefit from them as we embark on our journey. Inventorying trees is an arduous task requiring great expertise and training. Our staff often travel across the country identifying trees in differing regions and growing seasons which is a skill that requires a keen eye, training, and dedication. Now, our inventory team is rooted in Maryland, focused on trees that thrive in the mid-Atlantic and southern regions.

As we trek these streets, each tree inventoried gets us one step closer to this ambitious goal. We have all joined this profession because of our love for the outdoors and as we stroll through each street we remain optimistic and energized, with a constant reminder of why we love this work.

On these hot summer days, we stay cool under the sprawling canopy of the oaks, sycamores, and maples. We witness the beauty of these trees, old and new, and smile knowing they will provide shade for those here now, and the generations to come. We enjoy the occasional reminiscent conversation with community members. They recall the planting of a front yard tree and how much joy it had brought them, stating their love for the flowers in spring, the summer shade it provides, and the birds that made it home year after year. It’s these recollections that remind us of the important task at hand and we feel a great sense of pride in providing this service to benefit members of the community. It is for this reason and many more that we’d like to share our experiences and have you join us for the trek.

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“Stay tuned for our next blog featuring each of our inventory staff, photos showing trees thriving in harsh conditions, stories, and more!”