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Hydraulic Hose App To Transform The Hydraulics Industry


Innovative company BOA Hydraulics is giving forestry and civil workers more say and control in their daily work through an innovative new app.

For the past five years, BOA Hydraulics, owned by brothers Simon and Greg Boakes, has provided contractors with everything they need to repair and maintain their own hydraulic hoses on-site in a container setup or workshop. They then took it one step further with the invention of BOApod, a mobile hose repair facility on a trailer unit.

But now, BOA Hydraulics has released a new app called BOAhub

“The BOAhub is a truly multi-platform, multi-device application that allows you to select and build your own hoses requirements, order your hydraulic hose and fittings online, and accurately manage your inventory to assist with asset management. It is available on both Apple and Android phones and tablets, as well as a web app,” Simon says.

The app features a handy function called hosemaker. It all begins with selecting your ideal hose type, hose group and hose diameter. Once you have chosen a hose to assemble, you can choose the correct fitting by selecting the angle you require.

You then measure the thread physically with veneers obtaining the correct internal diameter measurement, which then means you can select from a list of available threads, intelligently filtered to fit the hose you are building. The app also comes with a scan-to-order function to reorder parts by merely scanning what they have in stock.

Simon says this is just the first phase of the BOA hub.

“We plan to offer features such as matching a hose assembly against an asset, which helps you to build up your database of asset recipes against a particular make and model.”

If you would like to know more about BOA or the new BOAhub app, visit, email [email protected], or phone 0800 20 20 20.

About BOA

BOA gets its name from the Boa Constrictor – a “powerful, big, fast, yet flexible king of pressure”. It’s clear to see that BOA Hydraulics is not a lot different from its namesake. BOA is proud to offer machinery, products, hoses, and fittings, as well as innovative technology to link them together. You can rely on this three-generational company for genuine parts, quality service, and a forward-thinking approach.



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