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Simarghu Arborist Personal Trauma Kit Review


Simarghu is not a brand that I’ve heard much of in the last few years since the launch at the 2017 Arb Show of the brand’s Simarghu Fire & Gemini Harness. So, it came as a bit of a surprise when the Simarghu team reached out to All Things Arb and offered to send over their all-new Arborist Personal Trauma Kit. Perfectly timed if you ask me as this month’s issue is all about Trauma.


Simarghu Arborist Personal Trauma Kit Case
Simarghu Arborist Personal Trauma Kit Case

So who are Simarghu?

Simarghu is owned by Carr’s Billington Agriculture (Sales) Ltd (Part of the Carr’s Group PLC) who have been in the arb industry for twenty seven years and distributed by its specialist Arborist arm, Workware.

Much more is to come from Simarghu this later year, with updates to its Fire & Gemini harnesses, as well as a new chest harness due this summer. Their first product launch of the year is the Arborist Personal Trauma Kit. Designed to fit on any harness, the Trauma Kit has been designed to specifically deal with traumatic bleeding injuries most likely caused by chainsaws.

Now while this is nothing new to the industry, in one form or another, there are very few specifically designed for Arborists that retro fit to a harness . Simarghu has solved this issue and they have done a pretty good job at it. Included in the pack are three products designed for a situation where you need to manage a traumatic injury, such as an arterial bleed.

Inside the Simarghu Arborist Personal Trauma Kit:

1 x Celox Rapid Haemostatic Z-Fold Gauze. This is a very fast acting haemostatic gauze that stops severe arterial bleeding within 60 seconds of compression. The current generation of haemostatic agents need at least three minutes of compression to work. Celox Rapid can do this in just a fraction of the time.

Also included is a Haemorrhage Control Bandage, this is a multi-functional bandage and trauma wound dressing, known in military circles worldwide as an ‘Israeli Bandage’ and designed specifically for one-handed application.

And finally, a CAT: Combat Application Tourniquet (GEN7) used by the US Military, the GEN7 tourniquet also allows for a one-handed application. Following extensive field reviews, it has been completely redesigned over the previous GEN6, making it the most effective Combat Application Tourniquet to date.

What I like about the Simarghu Arborist Personal Trauma Kit is the design which allows easy and fast access which is essential in time-critical moments. The internal lay out of the pack ensures that the contents can be accessed easily. Let’s face it, in a drama you are unlikely to be thinking straight and the design reduces the amount of critical time wasted.

The external case is built around a detachable molle system allowing it to be retrofitted to numerous locations on a harness. The molle system allows you to tear the pack from the harness when needed and comes with a safety lanyard to prevent the pack from falling to the ground if you let go of it.

A considerable amount of time and prior testing has gone into the Simarghu Arborist Personal Trauma Kit with input from Arborist and Military Medics, which is evident in the design and its contents.

Simarghu Arborist Personal Trauma Mollie Fixture
Simarghu Arborist Personal Trauma Mollie Fixture

With an RRP of £100 inc VAT, the Simarghu Arborist Personal Trauma Kit isn’t cheap buy, but it’s important to remember it’s not a First Aid Kit and it could potentially save your life! There is no other “on the harness” trauma kit that comes close to what Simarghu offers for the £100 mark.






Founder of All Things Arb, Tom started at the bottom of the run as groundsmen before running his own arborist business for over 6 years in the midlands. In 2017 he hung up his harness and took to writing about the industry and here we are!

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