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The Ultimate First Aid Kit – MediArb Review


MediArb a brand your about to find out everything about them!

first aid kits. We have them in our trucks, we have them on our harnesses. But in a trauma scenario, could you find yours in 60 seconds and use it?

Maybe you’re not sure where your first aid kit is. Screwed to the back wall of the cab? Hidden under the lowering bags on the floor? And if you do track it down, does it have what you need in the kind of situations us arborists face.

Our readers keep telling us they’ve struggled to find a dedicated first aid pack, something explicitly made for our industry and our particular risks. We all know when an accident happens, it’s not going to be a small one. You might get lucky and just nip yourself with a silky handsaw, but even that means barrelling your way through a whole pack of plasters.

MediArb Trauma products

There are kits on the market from companies like ArbAid and Stein, but it always feels a bit like you’re paying for the brand. We want a pack with everything we need, easy to refill, can withstand being hurled about and at a decent price.

Then we heard about a new kid on the first aid block. MediArb is a trauma and first aid kit designed for the arboriculture industry.

Daniel Ball, owner and creator of MediArb, recently joined me on the All Things Arb podcast to discuss what arborists need for first aid and why. Daniel spent 11 years in the Army and then moved into private security. Fascinated by the arb industry, he retrained and has spent the last 7 years working in our sector. Then he had a close call of his own, giving him the idea to create a specialised kit. In late 2020, MediArb was born.

When you get your hands on the MediArb, you’ll find a strong outer case, similar to a pelican case, in black or orange. Open it up, and you’ll find a wide range of trauma and first aid products and extra tackle to help in an emergency.


MediArb Trauma Celox Packet

MediArb includes:

· Waterproof dustproof IP67 hard case x 1

· First aid israeli bandage FFD x 2

· TufCut shear x 1

· CAT G7 tourniquet x 1

· Emergency sterile eyewash pods 20ml x 5

· Pocket mask x 1

· CELOX rapid Z-fold gauze x 1

· CELOX sachet granules x 1

· Triangle bandage x 2

MediArb Trauma Refill · Safety pins x 6

· Eye pad sterile dressing x 1

· Cohesive bandage x 1

· Medium sterile dressing x 2

· Microporous tape – individual roll x 1

· Large sterile dressing x 2

· Disposable gloves x 4

· Clinell antibacterial hand wipes x 5

· Fabric plasters x 100

· SnapLight glow sticks x 2

· Emergency blanket x 1

· Splinter forceps x 1

· Burn dressing x 1

· Emergency whistle x 1

· Snap seal x 5






There’s some serious thought gone into handpicking pretty much everything you’d need in a trauma or first aid situation. A few standouts for us are the Celox range, pocket mask and burn dressing. If you compare your own kit to MediArb, what do you have? Probably a big bandage, plasters and some Celox. But beyond that?

Knowing what’s in your box and what you need to restock sometimes trips us up, so MediArb includes a handy checklist in the top of the box. It shows you what’s in the box, how many of each item you have and a simple way of restocking when you need to.

It’s small touches like this, and at each stage of development, that makes it the best on the market.

Alongside the MediArb kits, Daniel provides specialist first aid courses for arborists. He walks you through how to deal with every type of incident, from minor cuts to full-on amputations, as well as explaining the items in the kit and how to use them. We’d really recommend taking his course, so you’re more confident using the kit if an accident happens.


MediArb Trauma Kit

But why would you buy this box if you already have a first aid kit?

Firstly, it’s made for our industry. It has products you won’t usually find in a standard first aid kit, and a load of extras you’d need to buy and store separately. Secondly, it’s built to last. We tested it out, chucking it out of a truck and a tree and giving it a good kick around the yard. Apart from a few scratches, it held up very well. Thirdly, you don’t have to think. Daniel’s done all the hard work for you, so no comparing products, figuring out what to buy or coming up with a restocking system. All you need to do is put it somewhere you can grab it.

Finally, the cost. The most feature-packed first aid kit on the market comes in at just £240+VAT. That’s blown us away. If you just need one, or you’re kitting out a few vans, it’s not going to break the bank.

We reckon it’s time to throw out those old first aid kits and bring in MediArb.

Contact MediArb

Daniel Bell


[email protected]




Founder of All Things Arb, Tom started at the bottom of the run as groundsmen before running his own arborist business for over 6 years in the midlands. In 2017 he hung up his harness and took to writing about the industry and here we are!

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