She said: “We had an inspector from the council turn up the Wednesday before [January 23] who had a look and said it was ‘priority category one’! We’d had people say that since November.

“It crashed down into our decking, smashing holes in it. We came back after a phone call from our neighbours saying our house was okay, but our garden was ruined. The decking is only two years old. Gordon spent ages cutting and putting it together.

“Worst of all, a wooden swing, which I bought was destroyed. It had a lot of sentimental value to me. An elderly lady I looked ofter for many years passed away and she left me a little bit of money and I decided I wanted to buy something nice to remind me of her. So I bought the swing and would sit in it and remember her. It’s been completely destroyed by the fallen trunk.”

The couple have lived in their property, which backs onto Manadon playing fields, for nearly 20 years and they had become increasingly concerned about the state of the large tree.

Lynn said the council workers cleared the branches and tree, revealing the level of damage.

She said: “We’ve been told to get three quotes to fix all the damage and then bill the council. But they could have avoided all that cost if they had just acted sooner. We’ve been asking for nearly two years, saying it was diseased and dangerous. This all could’ve been avoided.”

Plymouth City Council have been contacted for comment.