Exeter City Council is seeking to appoint an appropriately qualified contractor to deliver its arboricultural services. A contract notice has been posted on the OJEU web site

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Selling to the council

2. Contract advertisements

Where can I view opportunities?

We advertise our opportunities on Contracts Finder portal and for contracts over the EU threshold we also advertise in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).


Does the Council advertise every opportunity?

Sometimes we have a need for a product or service but we don’t advertise it because there is already a contract or framework agreement that we can use.


How can I apply to become an Approved Contractor?

If you are interested in being on the ECC Approved List of Contractors please email us at eccprocurement@exeter.gov.uk and we can start the assessment process.

Further details about approved suppliers can be found here.


We currently have the following opportunities.

Arboricultural Contract


The overriding purpose of the contract is to enhance the environment and ensure that trees are well managed, in particular to:

  • Ensure that trees are maintained in a healthy vigorous condition through a pro-active inspection and maintenance regime
  • Minimise the risk to persons and property
  • Take opportunities to increase the tree cover where appropriate
  • Increase bio-diversity and minimise the adverse effects of maintenance activities on the environment
  • Engage the community to increase how they value trees and “keep them on board” with the sensitive decisions required

Exeter City Council has set out its requirements in 2 separate lots:

  • Lot One:   Tree Surveys and Inspections
  • Lot Two:   Tree Maintenance


We are seeking to appoint either a sole contractor to deliver both lots or separate contractors.  Each of these contractors must be appropriately experienced and employ staff who have the correct level of qualifications and industry specific experience.

The documentation listed below shows what is required for each lot. Returns from consortiums are welcome for either/both lots.

Closing Date for receipt of completed pre-tender questionnaire forms is 12 Noon on Monday 27th November 2017. Any returns after this deadline will be rejected.

Evaluations will be completed within the standard framework. Please note that all queries must be submitted in writing and/or email.


The completed pre-tender questionnaire should be returned to, and all queries directed to:

Paul Faulkner
Room 3.32
Exeter City Council
Paris Street

Tel: 01392 265346

Email: paul.faulkner@exeter.gov.uk


Associated documentation

Arboricultural contract pre-tender questionnaire

Arboricultural contract schedule 1

Arboricultural contract schedule 2

Arboricultural contract schedule 3

Arboricultural contract schedule 4

Arboricultural contract schedule 5

Arboricultural contract schedule 6

Arboricultural contract schedule 7

Arboricultural contract schedule 8

Arboricultural contract terms and conditions