A TREE which has been a prominent feature of Jersey’s skyline for up to four generations is due to be felled because of age and disease and a charity that works to protect and care for the Island’s trees is urging Islanders to come out over the weekend to take their final photos of the landmark tree before it is felled at around 7am on Monday.

The tree, which is believed to be around 100 years old, is located on Grande Route de Saint Jean. It is approximately 80 feet tall.

Gerard Farnham from the charity Jersey Trees for Life said: ‘The tree is a maritime pine and was suffering from disease which was rendering it potentially unsafe.

‘It’s a sad but inevitable fact that trees reach the end of their lives, often when they are most majestic, but the important thing is to have generations of trees planted to replace them which is what we, at Jersey Trees for Life, are working to achieve.

‘This tree had what is called an “amenity value” because it is so well recognised as a landmark but felling it is the sensible and safe, though sad, thing to do.’