A great grass trimmer for large areas of long grass and tough weeds.

The Honda Cordless Lawn Trimmer, also known as the HHTE38BE, has a 56V litium-ion battery and a long shaft that’s similar to a petrol model. Honda is best known in gardening circles for their petrol tools, including lawn mowers and a range of grass trimmers, hedge trimmers and blowers aimed at professionals. So does this new cordless lawn trimmer match its petrol tools for power and efficiency?

If you want a heavy-duty grass trimmer to cut down long grass and rough weeds, this is a great choice. There are two slight issues, as there is no shoulder strap for this heavy machine, and the cover on the grass trimmer head is tricky to remove and replace when attending to the line. That said, for anyone with tough jobs to do, this is a great cordless grass trimmer.

What is it?

The Honda Cordless Lawn Trimmer is also referred to as the HHTE38BE. It’s part of Honda’s new range of cordless tools, which includes a hedge trimmer and a leaf blower. It’s almost identical to the Ego ST1500E-F, with a slightly larger guard, a different design of loop handle, but no shoulder strap with the Honda.Like Honda’s other grass trimmers, this one is aimed at cutting down long grass and weeds, not edging the lawn or path edge. As such, it has an 185cm-long shaft and a powerful motor.It’s powered by a 56V 2Ah battery. You can also fit a 4Ah battery if you need a longer run time. We tested this grass trimmer with the 2Ah and in our tests it lasted for 14 minutes, only half the claimed run time of 28 minutes. However, it charged extremely quickly, taking just 32 minutes in our tests.The 38cm-diameter cutting head has two lines and good quality, durable line is fitted. On our model, a large guard was fitted which was much larger than many other grass trimmers. More line is fed out automatically when you start the grass trimmer and there’s also a bump feed, which feeds out more line when the grass trimmer head is bumped on the ground.

What’s it great at?

This is a great grass trimmer for tackling long grass and tough weeds. It quickly slices through tufts and stringy growth, and leaves a neat finish.In our tests, the automatic line feed worked well and we only had to use the bump feed occasionally. The battery was also easy to slot in and out.It’s well balanced and so the weight of the grass trimmer doesn’t feel as heavy as it could.

Is there anything I should watch out for?

This is still a heavy grass trimmer, weighing in at 4.5kg with the battery, and so a shoulder strap would come in handy. Unfortunately, there isn’t one included in the box and no link to attach one either.We found it a little difficult to remove and replace the grass trimmer head cover when replacing the line. This may cause a real problem for those not used to fiddly grass trimmer heads.This isn’t the best grass trimmer for cutting lawn and path edges as it’s not designed with these jobs in mind. We managed to get a good finish on a lawn edge, despite the large head, which blocks your view, but we found it harder to get a neat finish on path edges.

Is there anything else I should know?

We have scored this Honda Cordless Lawn Trimmer as a heavy-duty grass trimmer as it’s primarily aimed at people who want to cut down long grass and weeds.This grass trimmer is made by Ego and is very similar to the Ego ST1500E-F that we’ve also tested.This is one of three Honda cordless tools that all use the same battery. These include a hedge trimmer and a blower.Which? members rate Honda’s petrol grass trimmers highly, appreciating their build quality and ease of use. Find out how they rate other cordless grass trimmer models in our guide to the best grass trimmer brands.

Should I buy it?

Yes, if you want to cut down long grass and weeds. It slightly edges out the very similar Ego ST1500E-F in our tests.