This month we took some time out of our busy day to get to know one of the founders at Papertrail. Papertrail is a fantastic app that is used by 1000s of users around the world including arboriculture business here in the UK it’s a great way to manage the LOLER aspect of your business, by providing a very accessible. User friendly system and a IOS & Google play store app that integrates into your daily workflow and also helps keep your equipment in the best condition and meeting the LOLER requirements.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am the CEO of Papertrail and one of the CO-Founders of the platform. I used to work in the Adventure industry, with a passion for new web technologies and how they make life slicker/easier for every day’s tasks. I live on a small farm on Anglesey in North Wales with my Partner and son.
How does a typical day in the office look like?

I tend to spend two days in the office, and the rest of the time out meeting new or existing Subscribers to paper trail. In the office, I work with our Sales and Marketing, Product development and Customer support teams to ensure we are meeting our customer expectations, adding the right features to Papertrail and providing solutions to our customer’s challenges.
What is

Papertrail is an online platform for Businesses to create and evidence Management Systems. It’s used widely for creating PPE / Fall protection equipment management systems in Adventure, Rope Access and Arboriculture industries. It’s a vast improvement from using a spreadsheet for managing inspection data!
Who/what made come to life?

My Business Partner Rob Walker and I Started the company three years ago. It was Originally designed and built to manage safety equipment for Local authority activity providers. It was then picked up and recommended by Manufacturers, DMM, and Training providers such as Lyon Equipment.
Tell us about your typical day in the office?

Similar question to above. Running demonstrations for new subscribers, Responding to Customer support questions, and working with our development team on new features.
How can a business use

Business within the Arboriculture industry can use papertrail to create equipment management solutions, Documents or Certificate management systems. It’s powerful for managing lots of equipment which needs regular inspection or maintenance, as it reminds you and your team when statutory inspections are due. Once your’ve been reminded to carry out inspections or updates to your records, you can use the web or our mobile apps to capture the evidence.
What is the next major update coming to

Our mobile app is being re designed at the moment, for more improved offline use and management for bigger businesses and subscriptions.
What is in store for in 2017?

2017 is the year of integrations for us. We’re going to be hooking up to Manufacturers Databases for our subscribers to simply add new equipment into their management systems. Another great integration for us, is with other useful safety reporting tools such as iAuditor.
Will be at any trade shows in 2017?

For 2017, we will be attending some of the big international equipment shows. ISPO, A+A and Friedrichshafen, where we will be demonstrating the link with Manufacturers and further expanding our global user base.
Where can users find out more about

Most information is available on our website, or you can book for an online demonstration here.