The Forestry Commission is carrying out an investigation into the tree felling carried at the northern end of Gill Banks Wood.

Ulverston Town Council said the trees had been removed by the adjoining landowner without consultation with the council, who lease the wood from Town Lands.

The landowner claimed the boundary belongs to them.

A council spokesman said ‘permission would not have been given’ despite the wood not being within a Conservation Area or under any Tree Preservation Orders.

Ulverston town mayor Cllr David Webster said: “The area now looks awful and trees have been cut down all around the boundaries.

“We have raised our concerns with the Forestry Commission who have since been in contact with those who did it and they will now be looking into the matter.

“This is one of those things that is most likely going to end up in a border dispute as they are claiming that the trees were on their land. However, it now looks a mess when many use this area to go walking.”

Ulverston Town Council will be considering this matter at its next town council meeting on February 18. The intention is to plant more trees in the autumn in an attempt to replace the trees that have been removed.

The Mail contacted those responsible but did not receive a response by the time we went to press.