Blows and vacuums leaves with a vengeance
Mitox makes the big claim that the Mitox 280BVX is ‘changing the rules in garden tools’. So will the petrol-powered leaf blower vac be a revelation? Read our review of this Mitox leaf blower to discover what we thought of it when we put it through our rigorous tests.
Works well at blowing all garden surfaces such as lawn, flower beds and hard ground; good at hoovering and shredding leaves and twigs off lawns and gravel
No speed variability means it’s sometimes overpowered for directing leaves, lower handle gets hot in vacuum mode

This petrol-powered leaf blower vac from Mitox impressed us with its ability to handle piles of dead leaves and twiggy debris in our tests. Working well in both vacuum and blower modes, this machine coped well with all the tasks we threw at it – including blowing leaves out of borders, hoovering twigs and leaves off gravel, and mulching down waste. It did so well in our tests that we made it a Best Buy.

What is it?

The Mitox 280BV petrol leaf blower and vacuum is one of the pricier models we’ve tested. Generally speaking, petrol models cost more than more basic electric cordless and corded blowers, but they give extra power.This machine weighs 4.7kg in blow mode and 5.8kg in vacuum mode. For a petrol leaf blower vac, 4.7kg is quite light. You shouldn’t have a problem carting it about and using it, but you may find it gives your arms a bit of a workout.It comes with a 50-litre collection bag for holding all the leaves it hoovers up. Most leaf blowers hold 40 to 50 litres, putting this one at the upper end of the range, which means you’ll have to empty it less frequently.

What’s it great at?

In leaf blower mode it excels at getting leaves out of your garden beds. It also works well on your patio and lawns.When switched over to vacuum mode, it really comes into its own, pulling leaves off your gravel and grass with gusto. It has no trouble chopping up leaves and twigs with its powerful shredder and plopping them into its collection bag, making clean-up a breeze for you.It’s fairly easy and comfortable to use, which is great if you have to spend long days battling leaves.

Is there anything I should watch out for?

There is no speed variability with this blower. At times, we found it a bit too powerful for directing leaves where we wanted them to go. However, when the engine is idling, we found it easier to shepherd errant leaves into piles.We also noticed that the lower handle on the tool gets hot from the heat put out by the exhaust so it’s a good idea to wear gloves.

Is there anything else I should know?

Mitox makes a lot of this leaf blower’s anti-vibration qualities. However, we found it average in terms of its vibration (or lack thereof). You won’t be shaken to bits while using it, but it’s definitely not vibration free.

Should I buy it?

Yes. If you need a powerful leaf blower and vacuum, then this Best Buy recommended model from Mitox will fit the bill nicely.