Development of Arboricultural Association Technical Guides

As you may be aware the Arboricultural Association is in the process of developing a new set of technical guides and we have prepared a set of scoping documents to define the contents of each guide. These documents are now ready for review and we invite your response and comments. I want to thank the scoping team for all their hard work on getting these documents ready.

The Technical Guides are intended for the working arborist, with reference sections for the team leader/supervisor on site. They are derived from the ‘Industry Code of Practice for Arboriculture – Tree Work at Height’ (ICoP) published by the Association in 2015 which is aimed at the Responsible Person, and they will incorporate the key safety points contained in the existing AFAG safety Guides. They are not intended to be training manuals but may provide useful reference for the development of training materials. The five guides are intended to be progressive and pre-requisite, i.e. an arborist must be conversant with climbing before using tools in the tree, before carrying out rigging, before using cranes, etc. MEWPs are potentially an exception to this pattern.

You will find below a link to the feedback survey with links to the documents embedded in the survey. Please read as many as you feel relevant to your experience. The first page of the survey will ask you generic questions about the guides as a whole and then on the next page there are questions relating to each guide.

Please complete the survey as fully and honestly as possible and if you have strong feelings about a particular point please make use of the comments box below each relevant question.

Please be aware the survey will close on 30th September at 11.30pm, so please get your responses in by then.

If you have any further comments or questions please contact Simon Richmond on [email protected]

Download the scoping documents from the links below:

Tree climbing and aerial rescue

Using tools in the tree

Rigging and dismantling

Use of cranes in arboriculture

Use of MEWPs in arboriculture