A solid GoPro competitor

Olympus will be hoping that the Tough! TG-Tracker action cam can take on durable cameras from other big-name brands. It may be waterproof, but is the video quality on the Olympus Tough! up to scratch? Our review reveals all.

For buyers looking for a GoPro alternative, the Olympus Tough! TG-Tracker is a decent option. Although it’s not a Best Buy action cam, 4K quality is strong and the sound is top-notch.

What is it?

The Olympus Tough! TG-Tracker is a 4K action cam that comes equipped with a 204-degree ultra-wide lens, great for catching a stunning sunset or mountain range. It has a rugged design, and is crushproof, freeze proof, shockproof and waterproof (up to 30 metres).

What’s the picture quality like?

The video quality is impressive overall, and on-par with the GoPro Hero5 Black, a key competitor for the Olympus action cam. You can shoot 4K at 30 frames per second (fps), and a built-in time lapse movie mode lets you create some unique videos to upload on social media.A GPS, compass, barometer and thermometer are tucked inside Olympus’ action cam. If you submerge the gadget underwater, it will automatically adjust your video settings to ensure they’re the best they can be in those conditions.


What’s it like to use?

This is a very easy-to-use action cam. Its durable design means it can survive bumps and scrapes, and you can improve the stillness of your shots by grabbing a Steady Handgrip from Olympus. Meanwhile, there’s an on-board headlight mounted to the top of the action cam which means filming at night far easier.Olympus says that the Tough! will last around 90 minutes between charges. Our extensive battery tests saw us squeeze 95 minutes out of the device, which is good but can’t quite top the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30.Sound quality is fantastic, which instantly sets the Olympus Tough! apart from the majority of other action cams we’ve tested recently. You won’t have to worry about muffled, distorted audio.

Is there anything I should watch out for?

Although our tests found that video quality in natural light is solid, it’s a different story if you’re shooting in artificial light. Thankfully, the attached headlight can go some way to helping you get better-looking results.

Is there anything else I should know?

By downloading the OI.Track app, you can download your shots to a smartphone and edit and upload them on the go. As the Olympus Tough! is wi-fi-equipped, you can also use the app to have your mobile function as a hands-free remote.

Should I buy it?

This action cam from Olympus might not be the prettiest around, but it still manages to film some great 4K clips. On top of that, the sound quality is surprisingly impressive. All in all, the Olympus Tough! is a good action cam. If you’re bored of looking at GoPro’s range, this is another option to consider. This model didn’t do enough in our test lab to earn the Best Buy title, though.