Making learning fun: specialist dealers and STIHL employees can now try out new brand-name tools in a virtual environment. The “STIHL Training goes Virtual Reality” project is a complement to traditional product training and its aim is to inform employees about new STIHL products.

To do this, realistic depictions of products are transferred to a computer-generated version of reality, known as virtual reality (VR). The tools are displayed in an interactive STIHL shop, a fictitious laboratory and in the forest, just where they will be used in practice. With the virtual reality glasses, the user can also take a look at tools such as chainsaws or the VIKING iMow in 3D. The project is not just pioneering – it is also a success: it was recently awarded the eLearning Award 2017.

Modern learning: STIHL training becomes a virtual reality

360-degree photos and videos are popular – and not just on social media. Virtual reality offers appealing opportunities in the field of vocational training to provide employees with information in an exciting way. That is why STIHL created its own virtual learning world in order to meet the need for new formats for conveying knowledge. In the virtual world, users can take a look at new products in a computer-generated STIHL shop, in a futuristic laboratory, or in the forest. It offers numerous opportunities for interaction, including practical ways of getting information and a chance to take the tools apart and look at their individual components.

Discovering virtual worlds with 3D glasses

Virtual reality glasses allow the viewer to experience the computer-generated STIHL training world in 3D. The glasses react to the user’s head movements, creating a three-dimensional, 360-degree view. So if you turn your head around, this movement will also take place in the virtual reality. The special glasses use small screens in front of the viewer’s eyes to convey two images from different perspectives, thereby creating an impression of 3D space.

Learners can also take an active role in the process of knowledge transmission. For example, videos and animations can be activated by focusing the eyes. The goal is to encourage an understanding of how individual tools work.

Learning with all the senses, no matter where you are

The interactive STIHL training course can be taken by STIHL employees all over the world using their smartphones. This is vital, because STIHL has an active presence in more than 160 countries and wants to give employees around the world access to modern learning methods. In order to ensure the training is geared towards an international target group, the application is completely language-neutral. The user simply scans a QR code with his or her smartphone and puts the phone into the VR glasses to be transported to the virtual STIHL shop. After selecting a product, the user can choose between three different ways of viewing it: they can check out its product information, a three-dimensional cross-section, or an exploded view.

STIHL training was recently awarded the eLearning Award 2017.

The STIHL eLearning platform offers a broad range of different informational materials on individual products and components. The new virtual 3D learning world that forms part of STIHL’s training is an innovative format for conveying fundamental information to a worldwide audience.

Because of its pioneering methods of imparting information, the virtual training programme has already received an accolade: STIHL training received the eLearning Award 2017 for the project, because the new opportunities for experiencing content in a 3D world makes the training participant receptive to information. It makes learning fun and maximises successful outcomes.