As a busy tree surgeon, finding a way to reach all of your customers in an instant, whilst also saving you valuable time, seems too good to be true. Have you thought about SMS marketing? Tried and tested and holding its own for the last 25 years; the humble text message is a communication tool that many small businesses are wondering how they ever lived without.

We’ve got three reasons why your business can’t afford to ignore SMS.

Quick Reach

Sending an SMS to all your customers with FireText takes no longer than sending a text on your own phone. Not only will creating and sending a personalised SMS campaign be sure to make you stand out from your competitors, it will also help you reach all your customers at once, saving you lots of time to focus on other stuff. When you’re sending a bulk SMS, try adding their first name into the message and signing it off from someone in the team to make sure you don’t lose that personal touch.

Hi Sue, don’t forget to order your firewood. We are delivering in your area next Wednesday and have a limited availability! Reply to reserve. Thanks, Harry


95% of text messages are opened within 5 minutes of being received, meaning if the message you need to get out is time-bound it’s the perfect tool to communicate, after all, when was the last time you left a text message unread? A text campaign is the perfect communication solution to send out offers which are only available for a very short time as you know it will be seen and actioned quickly.

We are almost out of firewood! Make sure you get your order in before 7pm to guarantee delivery for next week. Only £75 per cubic metre. Forest Logs 🙂

Follow Up

Once a customer has ordered with you, send a handy text message the day before to confirm their delivery slot and demonstrate your excellent customer service this will not only act as a great reminder but will also encourage repeat business. Now might also be a good time to give them any important details about the delivery or payment to make sure the transaction is super-easy on the day.

Dear Mr Jones, your log delivery will arrive between 2pm and 3pm today. Thanks, Heartwood Tree Care

These are just a couple of ways you could add SMS to your communication toolkit to help you boost firewood sales and offer an awesome customer service. We’ve teamed up with the friendly team over at FireText so you can give SMS a whirl and see how it all works. Set-up a trial account with them and they’ll add 100 SMS credits to your account totally free! Simply set-up a trial account with FireText here and when they get in touch let them know we sent you, so they add your extra free credits.