By creating a pan-Commonwealth network of forest conservation projects, the QCC will mark Her Majesty The Queen’s service to the Commonwealth while conserving indigenous forests for future generations.

Any schools or groups interested should apply to the Woodland Trust by August 15, then the tree saplings will be delivered by November 15.

Sainsbury’s is the Woodland Trust’s largest corporate partner.

Since the partnership began in 2004, Sainsbury’s has raised over £7 million, which has funded the planting of over 3 million trees across the UK – helping them engage with thousands of communities and helping children to reconnect with nature.

Robert said: “I am delighted to be taking part in this project and I will be receiving five saplings of about 40 to 60cm in height in October.

“The tree species will be one hazel, two silver birch and two rowan trees.

“The trees are all UK sourced and grown and can be expected to reach 12 to 25m in height. Full instructions and planting and maintenance will be sent out with them.

“If you are a local school or community group and you have an area suitable for trees, please get in touch with me asap.”

The trees could be planted as part of an existing planting, or as new planting at a suitable site, as long as they are properly protected.

Each sapling comes with an Ezee Tree Guard – a non-plastic, sustainable guard made from 100 per cent recycled material which is fully compostable and biodegradable, and which will protect the trees against small mammals such as rabbits.

Apply by visiting or visit the shop