The rumours are true Stihl is making its first-ever fuel injected saw called the MS500i the all new 80cc chainsaw comes in at around 6.2kgs with our the bar and chain and is 1.2kgs lighter the MS661 CM on of Stihls top selling chainsaws.

With Stihl developing its systems in-house, the saw can be expected to work under the toughest of conditions. Thankfully there is no requirement for a battery to run the injection system due to the new electronics system and generator. The system has bee designed to be activated within a millisecond of startup providing fuel to the system.

Stihl has already been working with fuel injected system for some time on the professional series of TS cutoff saws, so they already have experience in building small injected system.

I the new Stihl MS 500i the future way of development for chainsaws or could we still see battery taking over in the next five years?