Have you just found a tree on your property damaged, or fallen over?

TH Tree’s have been providing Essex residents and business alike a fallen tree removal service that causes minimal fuss and a fast turnaround time. TH Tree’s has been established for over 13 years, we come from a family of professional tree surgeons who have been operating since the 1980’s.

Our tree surgeons are fully insured and qualified, however something much more vital is our level of experience and expertise. We constantly impress our customers and peers with our ingenuity and intelligent ways of removing damaged or fallen tree without causing any unnecessary damage.

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Am i responsible for a fallen tree removal, if not who is?

Ah a great question, well who ever owns the tree is responsible for it. If the tree or land owner suffers a fallen tree or limb which hits a person or property, they might be liable for financial costs. Of course if someone is injured or fatally wounded it can get very complicated.

Regarding property damage its a little more straight forward, if a tree falls and hits nothing then normally who ever owns the tree or land it grows from will foot the bill. If the tree damages neighbouring property or property owned by the owner of the tree then the land owners insurance company (House Insurance) might foot the bill.

Who is responsible for a tree falling on my car?

If a tree falls onto a car, the car insurance will replace or repair the car. Then if the car owner is not liable their car insurers will seek to recover costs from the owner of the tree via their home insurance. So its all about who owns the tree, not always an easy thing to find out.

Something to be aware of is the home owners duty of care, which stipulates that the land owners must check and maintain trees on their land, especially important when trees are near roads, paths or property. Failure to have proof of said maintenance could void any insurance cover, something to check with your insurers.

For example, if a tree was not maintained and then fell over, if it could be proven that the tree had clear signs of ill health and prudent maintenance could or would have prevent it from falling, then the tree owner may be personally liable for costs or even worse, face prison if someone is injured of killed.

Are you insured for any further damage caused from a fallen tree?

Of course TH Tree’s are insured, how ever we will state before a job what is not covered. For instance, should the removal of the fallen tree cause further damage with no other way to safely remove it, we wont cover damage that is clearly unavoidable. We will cover any damage caused by our negligence. We are expertly skilled in this field of arboriculture, rest assured that we get the job done with minimal further loss.

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See our expert, Terry Holland dealing with the latest fallen tree. The job was in Rayleigh, Essex and required more than your average tree surgeon.

What the customer though of our fallen tree removal service

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